Our Story Began In 1942

Pyne Sand and Stone was started in 1942 by Joseph Pyne, Sr., as a Jack-of-all-Trades general contracting company and originally operated out of a home/garage on Main Street in Hopkinton Center until it outgrew this location and moved to Fruit Street in the Woodville section of Hopkinton.  The company was incorporated in 1964 and in 1975 ceased doing construction work so as to devote all of its time to becoming a high quality construction materials producer.  Pyne Sand relocated it’s entire operation, including office, garage and a new processing plant, to Douglas in 2003 to be closer to existing and prospective vital raw material sources.

The company has a work force of 25+ highly skilled professionals as well as several part time employees.  They have 6 Mack trailer dumps and 4 Mack ten wheelers, a gravel washing/crushing plant, many pieces of Caterpillar earth moving equipment and more.   On any given day, Pyne can have up to 15 hired trucks, in addition to their own fleet, servicing customer needs.

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